Lasting power of Attorney,s LPA ‘s

Lasting power of Attorney,s LPA ‘s

A lasting power of attorney UK is a legal document prepared to appoint one or more attorneys who support you to make decisions or make decisions on your behalf. With the help of this document, you have more control over circumstances in case you meet with an accident or suffer from an illness that does not leave you in the condition to make your own decisions.

To make a lasting power of attorney (LPA), you must be above 18 years of age and have a sound mind to make your own decisions. You are addressed as the ‘donor’ as you prepare the legal document.


There are two types of LPA:

There are 2 types of LPA:

  • health and welfare - can be used only when you lack the ability to make decisions.
  • property and financial affairs - can be used as soon as it is registered, with your permission

It is your choice whether you want to make one or both.

Lasting Power of Attorney vs. Enduring Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney came into effect on October 1, 2017. It is created under the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Before the introduction of LPAs, people made Enduring Power of Attorney UK. This document also allowed donors to appoint another attorney who would make decisions on his/her behalf. These decisions were around property and financial affairs, in situations when the donor was not capable of making decisions.

While EPA is still effective, it does not have the same flexibility as an LPA. Therefore, it is advised that you renew the document. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of the lasting power of attorney in the UK. The LPA lets you appoint replacement attorneys whereas this is not possible under an EPA.

Health and welfare lasting power of attorney

With this legal document, the attorney has the power to make decisions on the following aspects:

  • your day-to-day routine (eating, dressing, washing, etc.)
  • medical care
  • shifting to a care home
  • life-sustaining treatment

Property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney

The attorney has the right to make decisions related to money and property, including:

  • The sale of your home
  • Managing a bank or building society account
  • clearing bills
  • collecting benefits

How to make a lasting power of attorney?

The following steps need to be followed to prepare an LPA:

  • Choose your attorney (this may be one or more people)
  • Fill in the required forms to appoint them as attorney
  • Send it to the Office of the Public Guardian for registration

A donor can cancel the LPA if it is not needed or a new one needs to be made.

The cost

It cost £82.00 per document to register the document at the Office of Public Guardian

Our services will include the following:

  • Taking your initial instructions, free home visit
  • Advice on procedure & completing forms & sending to the Office of Public Guardian
  • Preparing your LPA in accordance to your instruction,
  • Procedure on overseeing signing and witnessing your LPA,

If you would like more information and or would like us to prepare these documents for you and your partner please respond to this email. We will then arrange a convenient time to visit, or alternatively make a suitable time for you to visit our office.


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