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Now that you have made the decision to make a will, where have you decided to store this very important document,  which represents your last testament. Its easy  to assume that your home is the obvious place to keep it. But is it?  It could be misplaced, making it difficult for  your beneficiaries to find it, at a time when it is needed, causing your loved ones needless emotional distress at this difficult time. This can easily be avoided. We Will Storage Service in UK  offer  an inexpensive safe storage for your will documents.   Please download our  brochure on will  storage services.

Use our Will storage service, UK and have the peace of mind that your last testament is stored securely and safely.

If anything happens to your Will, it is just like not having one written. It is important that you look after your Will and have it kept securely so that your executor knows where it is.

So, where do you keep your Will and still have access to it when you need it? The need for changes can arise at any time, for instance, to add the details about a new property or add a new child or grandchild. Even if there isn’t a need to make modifications, it is always a good idea to review your Will every few years. Therefore, your Will must be available to you immediately.


Where not to keep your Will?

Most people assume that the most obvious place to keep the Will is your home. However, it is not all that safe. It can be misplaced, lost, or stolen and if the beneficiaries cannot find it at the right time, it can cause a lot of emotional distress to your loved ones at a difficult time.

You must also avoid keeping the Will in a bank safety deposit box. This is because, after a person’s death, the bank does not open the deposit box until the executor gets permission from the court. This permission is only granted upon submission of the Will.

Inform your executor where your Will is

After you have decided on Will storage UK, it is essential to inform your executor. Your executor must know where it is and how he/she can access it.
Remember you must not share these details with your executor orally. You must write it down.

Storing it with a Will Writing Service Store

When you use Will storage service UK, you will need to pay a little fee for it but there are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy:

  • It costs less than using a solicitor
  • Will will be stored safely and returned to you promptly. We allow you to easily retrieve it, as and when it is needed.
  • Nobody can tamper the documents since there is a secure ID number, known to you and your executor. We guarantee that the sealed envelope is never opened.
  • Your executor is informed about Will storage UK and with your consent, they can access it after your death.

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