Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Get?

A professionally bound, tamper-proof will, a file copy for your reference, and full signing instructions. Each document also includes includes personal estate record which can  updated and helps beneficiaries to identify all the assets comprised in the estate.

What areas do you provide a Home Visit?

We cover  a radius of 5- 10 miles in the the South West and South East London area. We also provide online  service & our will  instruction form can be downloaded completed and returned, by post

How long does it take to prepare my Will

It takes 10 working days from receipt of your instructions.

How Long Will It Take?

It should take around 10 minutes to complete your Will online.

What is Inheritance tax (IHT)

All individuals domiclied in the UK are subject to IHT on transfer of value of all their worldwide assets, with the exception of excluded property. A transfer of value is defined as a disposition made by a person… as a result of which the value of his estate immediately after the transfer is less than it would be for the disposition.

The estate is the aggregate of all property to which a deceased person was benefically entittled before death.

Transfers of value will be one of three types:

Exempt Transfer. these are transfer where IHT will never be payable.

Potentially Exempt Transfers (PETs) these become exempt if donar survives seven years from the date of the gift.

Chargable Lifetime Transfers (CLTs) These result  in an immediate lifetime charge to IHT 20% (25% where liability is met by donor).


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